• Nostr Goes Live

    The ever-evolving Nostr ecosystem has recently blessed the public with an extraordinary innovation—a live streaming service that harnesses the power of the Nostr protocol. Zaps just keep getting better and better, particularly with the advent of Zap.Stream! This website truly lives up to its name by empowering users to not only stream live video but…

  • #Tag, You’re it, #Nostr. #Pure-Vida.

    Popular Nostr Hashtags worth note.

  • The Ever Evolving List of Nostr Clients

    This is a list of various Nostr clients and the distinct features that make them stand out. This overview is not comprehensive; rather, it merely highlights some elements that, in my opinion, make these clients unique. If you’re new to Nostr and aren’t quite sure what it is, we recommend checking out our post Nostr+Bitcoin.…