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Nostrich shopping at The Nostr Market

LNbits is an amazing tool that grants us all the ability to harness the power of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. You can consider LNbits as the ‘WordPress’ for Bitcoin. A fresh install will grant you a blank-slate Lightning wallet, to which you may add a variety of plugins, ranging from a simple paywall to a fully functional PoS system for accepting Bitcoin payments, or even your own Nostr Market stall (store), and customize LNbits to fit your needs. You can learn more about LNbits by visiting their website at

LNBits and Nostr

The teams behind LNBits and Nostr have collaborated, contributing to the creation of the Nostr protocol. LNBits has supported Nostr’s growth by implementing fantastic plugins for the ecosystem. If you’re new to Nostr and want to learn more, check out our post “Nostr and Bitcoin”

Nostr Market

LNBits Nostr Market Client Demo

One of their more recent developments is the Nostr Market plugin. This lovely little app lets you create your own market stall where you can list items you’d like to sell. It’s kind of like opening a kiosk in a public square or mall. Since this is LNBits, you can easily accept Bitcoin payments for all items in your stall (kiosk). What’s exciting is that Nostr’s censorship-resistant and permissionless protocol (the public square) handles all transactions.

With this plugin, getting started with an online store has never been easier. Its intuitive marketplace client (storefront) comes complete with a shopping cart, giving you everything you need to showcase your offerings and tempt potential buyers. Additionally, the platform includes a simple messaging tool that makes it a breeze to communicate with your customers via Nostr, whether you’re discussing orders or simply chatting. To enhance this feature, LNbits designed it all just so beautifully.

Setup Your Stall

Setting up and getting started with a Nostr Market stall is quite straightforward. The plugin operates alongside another tool named “Nostr Client,” which facilitates Nostr Market’s interaction with the broader Nostr ecosystem. I won’t delve into the setup process in this post, as I believe the Nostr Market team has already provided a comprehensive walkthrough. If you’re looking for a detailed step-by-step guide on configuring everything, I recommend visiting their official GitHub page.

The guide covers everything you need from the necessary basics to the customization or the look and feel of your stall.

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