Apple got Zappled

Apple Zapple

Apple recently threatened to ban the popular iOS app ‘Damus’ from their app store unless they removed the app’s zaps functions from posted notes. Their excuse was something along the lines of ‘it needs to use Apple Pay.’ So, Damus made the necessary adjustments to ensure the app’s availability on the app store for the wider audience. Then Apple got Zappled.

The creative and innovative minds that permeate the Nostr ecosystem have bestowed upon us a clever solution: This straightforward website enables users to link their Nostr public key to an emoji of their choice. When this emoji is used to comment or react to a note, it will automatically send a zap of the preselected amount. If you’re new to Nostr check out our post titled “Nostr+Bitcoin” for short explanation about what Nostr is.

Below is a step by step guide on how to setup Zapplepay to get zaps back on your Damus app.

First head over to you profile page on any Nostr client you like using and copy your Npub (public key).

Now go to and scroll down to reveal the form we need to fill out and paste your npub in there. Then choose the emoji you’d like as your zap trigger below that. Then input the zap amount you want to get zapped when ever you use that emoji. I’d like to use Damus’s 🤙 emoji so when ever I react or “like” something it will zap the note.

Now the part that may be a bit confusing to people. We need to go to our GetAlby accounts and create a special secret key that will allow Zapplepay to use your wallet to zap when you use that emoji.
The website you need is If your not signed in to your GetAlby account it will prompt you to do so. Once you log in you will be presented with this screen. Click the “New connection” button to set up the link.

Fill out the required info on the form and click “Confirm”.

Once you’re done you will be presented with this screen where you will be able to (only once) be able to copy your secret key. When you close the tab or browser you won’t get access to it again and if you didn’t copy it, you will need go through the process again to create a new one.

Once you are finished and click “Confirm” you will be presented with the screen below.

Finally copy your secret key and paste it to the ZapplePay form and click save to finish it all up.

That’s it. Now every time you react with a 🤙 to any note it will zap the note for you.
Happy zapping frens.

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