Nostr Goes Live

The ever-evolving Nostr ecosystem has recently blessed the public with an extraordinary innovation—a live streaming service that harnesses the power of the Nostr protocol.

Zaps just keep getting better and better, particularly with the advent of Zap.Stream! This website truly lives up to its name by empowering users to not only stream live video but also utilize zaps—powered by Bitcoin’s remarkable lightning network—to support creators for their content. If you’re unsure about what zaps are, we invite you to explore our blog post titled ‘Tag, You’re It: Nostr, Pure Vida‘ for more details.

The site is currently very new, so there isn’t a lot of content available just yet. However, this presents an opening or opportunity for creators who have faced challenges in navigating the treacherous maze of censorship prevalent across various content streaming platforms. We finally have a platform that harnesses the power of Nostr’s censorship resistance. Allowing creators to do just that: create and express their craft without constantly judging themselves based on whether their content will be deemed ‘inappropriate’ or ‘in violation’ of some ‘terms of service’ that the platform itself, at times, cannot even point to due to its seemingly nonexistent nature.

So, if you’re a creator, equip yourself with a pair of Nostr keys and seize this fantastic opportunity to share your craft and creativity without restrictions, within the bounds of some morality, I would hope.

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