#Tag, You’re it, #Nostr. #Pure-Vida.

Some of the more commonly seen hashtags and what they mean.

This post is all about #Hashtags, specifically for Nostr. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with popular tags within the community for obvious reasons. If you’re not familiar with hashtags, here’s a brief explanation. Hashtags are used as a quick, easy way to search a topic across all of Nostr, just like on Twitter or any other social platform.

However, Nostr differs because its atmosphere is unique. You won’t find much trigger-bait (unless you’re specifically looking for it) or race-baiting, like you might on most, if not all, other social media platforms. This is why Nostr is often referred to as “Pure Signal”. Its growth is not controlled or guided by any form of censorship or promotion by a central entity.

Efforts are underway in the Nostr ecosystem to help “#GrowNostr” from being overly Bitcoin-centric. Currently, the largest community populating Nostr are the #Bitcoiners. However, these efforts have led to the popularity of hashtags concerning topics other than Bitcoin. Examples include #Footstr, #Beerstr, #CoffeeChain, #Zapathon, #PlebChain, #Growstr, and #Foodstr. This list continues to grow indefinitely (forever, Laura!).

You can often guess what many of these tags are about just by their names. However, it’s worth noting that the #GrowNostr hashtag, which was originally meant to help diversify Nostr’s topics as the name implies, has gradually evolved into a gardening hashtag, while still maintaining its original intent.

#Zapathon, #Zaps, and #PlebChain are more Bitcoin-oriented tags, but they’re worth mentioning as they are likely the most common ones you’ll see on Nostr. #Zapathon in particular is probably the most popular. Nostriches (Nostr users) have managed to create a pseudo weekly-holiday on Thursdays and Fridays, where everyone tags #Zapathon and ‘zaps’ everyone and anyone who posts content that’s entertaining enough. However, some just like to zap regardless. You can read more about ‘zaps’ in our “No Nips No Tips” post.

A great place to check out what’s popular and trending across Nostr is Nostr.band. It’s an amazing resource that covers almost every base imaginable when it comes to trending topics, people, notes, and so on.

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