What is Nostr

Nostr is simply a protocol – a set of simple rules. These rules lay the foundation and allow complete freedom to build upon whatever one’s mind can imagine. Currently, it is being successfully implemented to create an alternative social media experience. However, its potential is not limited to just that, a topic for another time.

Nostr operates on a dual system – client and relay – where anyone can create and set up either a relay, a client, or both. The relays store and share events taking place across it’s ecosystem, while the clients offer users a multitude of different ways to interact with and experience what this protocol has to offer. There are already plenty of clients available, spanning all devices and systems.

Nostr + Bitcoin

In many ways, Nostr’s decentralized simplicity echoes that of Bitcoin, which also works with clients (aka ‘wallets’) and relays (aka ‘nodes’) that anyone can create, set up, and participate in. This presents an exciting potential that demands exploration, and such exploration is already in full swing. Nostr has firmly grasped the attention of the Bitcoin community, and rightly so.

You can begin enjoying the Nostr experience right now by downloading the most popular app currently available. If you have an iOS device, it’s ‘Damus’, and for Android users, ‘Amethyst’ is your best bet. Alternatively, visit one of the many popular websites, such as Snort, Iris, or for the visually inclined, Nostrgram. As you navigate through Nostr, you’ll frequently encounter the term ‘PV’. If you stay and explore long enough, you’ll come to understand its significance. There’s a breath of fresh air here; life is burgeoning, something is growing. Pura Vida.

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