Exploring The Potential Of Decentralized Systems

Basics of adding/removing Nostr Relays.

What is Nostr

Nostr is simply a protocol (set of simple rules) that set the foundation and allow complete freedom to build upon what ever one’s mind can imagine, and currently it is…
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No NIPs No Tips

Without a doubt the most exciting thing about NOSTR is it’s smooth and almost seamless integration what has come to be known as “Zaps”.
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Addressing the Nostrich in the room

Those new to Nostr may initially feel confused or overwhelmed by the various addresses used throughout the social space. In this post, we will cover three main addresses that you’ll…

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The Ever Evolving List of Nostr Clients

This is a list of various Nostr clients and the distinct features that make them stand out. This overview is not comprehensive; rather, it merely highlights some elements that, in…

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Take a ride through Nostr. Clients are your vehicle, Nostr, the road.

Nostr Goes Live

The ever-evolving Nostr ecosystem has recently blessed the public with an extraordinary innovation—a live streaming service that harnesses the power of the Nostr protocol. Zaps just keep getting better and…

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Apple got Zappled

Apple recently threatened to ban the popular iOS app ‘Damus’ from their app store unless they removed the app’s zaps functions from posted notes. Their excuse was something along the…

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Apple Zapple

What Are Nostr Relays?

What are Nostr relays, you might ask? Simply put, they act as ‘servers’ in the Nostr ecosystem, facilitating the storage of events. Every post, share, comment, or ‘like’ you make…

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Funny cartoon depicting fictional Nostr relay.

The Nostr Market

LNbits is an amazing tool that grants us all the ability to harness the power of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. You can consider LNbits as the ‘WordPress’ for Bitcoin. A fresh…

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Nostrich shopping at The Nostr Market

What Is LNBits ? – And How-To …

I find myself mentioning LNBits in much of my writing lately, often assuming that the reader knows what I’m talking about. So, I’ve come to the conclusion that it might…

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